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What Are The Best Work From Home Jobs?

That is a 64,000 dollar question, no doubt about it. So let’s go ask Google, they know everything there is about anything, right? OK, the screenshot below is what came up as first in Google.

So the most knowledgeable website about work from home jobs is Really? That’s the best source/article on the subject? A couple of Bankrate’s listings are really reaching, like Franchise Owner? In all fairness, there were 3 or 4 good resources from GlassDoor, Indeed, and CareerBulder, all job listing websites in the top ten.

But Woman’s Daily is first after the Rich Snippet (that’s the listing of info in the screenshot above) from Bankrate. On the same page as the work from home jobs listing on Woman’s Daily is a gossip column on the Royal Family. Hmm, not sure that would inspire me to take them serious but maybe that’s just me. Another very noticeable thing about both these articles is the common ground, they probably would pass copyscape (website that compares information to make sure you don’t duplicate other articles) but they have the same list and even have the same warning about scams at the bottom of each article. Which I will reiterate, beware of all the scams out there on any work at home article or sales page.

Now I don’t have any desire to pick a fight with Google or these listed websites. But one of the reasons I put up our website is to try and cut through all the BS about work from home or work online jobs. And it’s all too easy to throw rocks on the Internet with little justification so I’m not going there. But I do want to point out all of the articles on the top ten listings have about 300-500 words of very broad information on possible jobs. Few list anything but other job listing websites or random very optimistic income. And some of those salary or pay examples are way off.

Speaking of unreliable information, there is a ton of it out there, some with malice, some trying to make a quick buck, and some that just flat out don’t get it. If you want to see what the real deal is on part-time ways to make a few extra bucks, look to your right (oops – only on desktop mode, on phone mode it will end up at the bottom of the article) and download and read our series on part-time work. It’s free and you don’t even need to give me your email address. Our information is reality based. You will see that I spare no one who wants to deceive you or anyone else. Definitely an eye opener and worth the time to read.

Finding The Right Work At Home Job Is A Personal Journey

Sorry Google, but that doesn’t really provide much value or any actionable advice to most people. In Google’s defense, they just regurgitate what’s out there on the Internet. But if I read one more article on surveys, website testing, or virtual assistants I’m going to puke! And although you can make a few extra bucks doing tasks, it’s not a dependable source of income full or part-time. And we won’t even discuss the pay since it sucks.

Look, I’ve been involved with working online for the last 15+ years and yes it is possible to make a few extra bucks doing some of these different tasks for money. But the problem is they are very dependent on availability and your demographics. So you and 500,000 of your closest friends on the Internet are competing for the same survey, VA work, or website testing. Which means that it’s difficult to make much on a regular basis. And I’m betting you can probably make more money babysitting, or doing odd jobs around your neighborhood. Yea, I know, that takes some effort on your part and you probably can’t do either of those things in your pajamas. But they offer a better chance of making a few bucks part-time.

But if you want a steady income that is more than $200-300 (and you really have to hustle to even hit that amount) these types of “jobs” probably won’t allow you to make a living. Now if your goal is just part-time, and you’re just looking for a few extra bucks, you can go try them out and see if they work for you.

But if you want to create a real part-time or full time income, you need to look elsewhere. Well, I guess it is time to get to the subject of this article, what are the best work from home jobs? It’s hard to say without knowing more about you, your goals, and any training or skills you have. Yep, the best job for you is highly dependent on you. Most people have some kind of talent, it could be as basic as people skills or maybe skills developed as a hobby or something they were good at in school that can translate into work skills.

That’s one of the secrets to finding the best work from home job for you. Take advantage of whatever skills you may already have. And if you don’t have any skills that relate to possible jobs, then that also is OK too. Because that tells you that you need to figure out what you want to do and get some training.

Either way, you can now come up with a viable plan to find the right path for you. Which means you’ll probably stick to it and have a much better chance to succeed. If you try just any job without regard to interest or abilities, at best you’ll be miserable, and not stick with it for long. There are exceptions but I see this all the time and it’s not a good long term solution.

First Step Is To Identify Your Skills Or What Skills You Want To Acquire

So I would highly suggest you sit down and figure out what saleable skills you may have first. Once you find a path of least resistance, try and match it to a possible work from home job. Because one very important detail left out in many online job articles is that you still may have to qualify for the position. No matter what the job involves, you need to know how to do it and show some experience.

What’s A Saleable Skill?

A good place to go review possible saleable skills is a website called Fiverr is a website where people go to find someone to do something that they can’t or just don’t choose to do themselves. Anything from website related stuff to crazy things like sing you a song. Yea, it’s truly amazing what some people will do for a fee. But it will give you tons of choices on what you might be able to do too. For the more advanced type of work, or would be a good place to check out. But for rookies I would definitely recommend Fiverr first. You may already have some skills that you can offer and by reviewing Fiverr it will allow you to see how popular any particular skill or ability might be to sell. And even though it’s quite competitive, it’s a huge platform with lots of traffic.

Selling specific services or skills is not technically a job but it would provide some extra income. Some people may not be able to find an exact match to skills so this type of work can be done at home but it may not be as dependable as a more traditional job, especially when you are just starting out. But it is a good alternative if you can’t find a good fit with available jobs. And you can get some experience which may be good for acquiring a job down the road. If you think Freelancing might be a good fit you can go check out our offer about Learning How To Be A Freelancer here:

No Skills To Sell? Check Out These Training Websites

OK, so you don’t have a skill or experience to offer at this point. Then you need to find something that is saleable that you can learn in a reasonable amount of time. We are not talking about degrees, we’re looking for a way to learn some skills that can help you find a job. There are a lot of good online sources that are very reasonable in price and flexible to boot. is one of my favorites since it’s got unlimited choices on just about any subject matter. It’s also a flat fee of $24.99 per month with a free month to try it out. It has over 12,000 courses and you can learn 24/7. There is also but each course is individually priced and they can be very good or very bad. Now you can get a refund, no problem so there is little risk but you still lose time. And I’ve seen a lot of genetic courses that teach little if anything.

If programming is your choice the hands down best choice is It has the best beginner training I’ve seen and is a great way to get your feet wet and see if programming is for you. It’s free, has high quality training, and available 24/7. I’ve recommended this website for years and have always gotten great feedback from people who tried it out. You’ll know in a few lessons if programming is for you, which is a good thing. Programming is a great field and in high demand but not for everyone.

So What Makes A Job Different From Freelancing?

And the definition of a job is pretty broad. I like to quote a dictionary definition for many terms but when you look up job you often get different definitions based on the use of the word. To me, if you sign up on a website to do surveys, task work, etc that is not a job. A job to me is where you are assigned tasks on regular basis, have some type of supervision, and are paid a set amount for either time or work completed. So a work from home or online job could be providing customer support for x amount of hours per week at x amount of pay. You know that every week you will work x amount of hours and get x amount of pay on a regular basis. Whereas a Freelancer may have many clients and depend on finding new ones all the time. It’s very doable but does require a constant effort, which many rookies may be uncomfortable or unable to market in the beginning.

Working from home in your Pajamas is great for a lot of people. But it is not for everyone, there are a few caveats that can have an impact. Some people find out pretty quickly that they may not like working in a vacuum with no interaction with other employees. Or they may have difficulties managing their time and either work too much or not enough due to all the distractions in a home setting. In fact the big companies have cut back on telecommuting in the last year or two due to both the isolation and the effectiveness of home based employees. And of course some jobs don’t lend themselves to offsite due to special requirements. Here’s a good article on why telecommuting is changing by

So What Kind Of Jobs Are Available?

OK, so let’s say you have some saleable skills or at least a good idea of what you want to learn how to do that will fit your circumstances. Either way there are some good job listing websites that can both show you what the most common types of jobs are available. If you’re going to learn some new skills you should choose an area where there is potential and if you already have some skills what’s available right now. There are three good job websites that can help: is the 800 lb Gorilla in job listings of all kinds. The best way to find the telecommuting jobs is to do a search using that keyword. I just did a search and it came up with over 3,600 appropriate jobs. Most if not all have requirements of some type of experience and skills. So if nothing else you can get a feel for what types of skills you need and or what you need to acquire for popular jobs listed.

Next up is We have a good review of Flexjobs here: It provides a lot of useful information and the pros and cons of the website.

And last but not least, Craigslist. Yea, the old-timer of the three but still can be a good source for local jobs that involve telecommuting. Since you are looking for telecommuting don’t limit yourself to just local positions, look at all of the major city boards. I’ve had a lot of people tell me they’ve had good luck finding jobs, just be careful of the many scams that also may be listed.

The most popular areas of work in telecommuting in no particular order are:

  • programming of any kind
  • web development
  • graphic design
  • Video Editing
  • call center jobs
  • customer support jobs
  • accounting
  • bookkeeping
  • writing or editing
  • computer support
  • teaching or tutoring
  • direct sales

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There are a lot of sub categories too. And as far as research goes, dig as deep as you can exploring possible jobs on all three websites. I’ve got two great examples of work at home jobs that are under the radar for most people but were found by two clients. Both have to do with what’s called piece work and were found on Craigslist.

The first is about doing special hand bindery jobs for printing companies. These jobs involve assembling random pieces in special promotions in printing jobs. It involves hand folding and inserting

in special invitations to events like fundraising dinners, product launches, etc. It’s somewhat slow and tedious work but pays well. And you would be surprised on how much it’s in demand.

The next is a similar scenario that involves printing companies or event planners. It’s called Calligraphy is also is very popular for weddings and special events. Each piece is handwritten in a script or cursive type style and is used for signage and invitations. It definitely requires some skill, if you want to learn more about Calligraphy you can go here: It’s a lost art that is still very popular. As the article states you can learn the basics in a few months.

You Need To Think Outside Of The Box

As these examples show, there are a lot of ways to find work to do at home using some special skills. I’ve spoken to people who do everything from upholstery work (refinishing antique furniture for antique dealers), deep research on many topics from ancestry to medical procedures, to tutoring in special education and even quilting. That’s why I recommend you really bear down and research all the possibilities based on your background and skills. Event planners need a ton of custom handwork for many projects that all can be done at your home.

As you can see, you don’t necessarily have to do some type of computer work, there are a lot of alternatives if you have some skills or can acquire them. Computers are great and can be a huge advantage in working from home but they are not the only path. Anything that you can do well, and other people can’t, could be your job for companies that need help. And many can be started part-time and grow into a fulltime job.

And the deeper you dig, the less the competition and often the better the pay. It make take a little time to find the best opportunity that fits your personal needs and skills. Another good example of people thinking outside the box is a gal I met who teaches non profits on how to raise money. From Silent Auctions to Garage Sales, she shows these organizations how to setup events 2-3 times a year that can really work well. It’s all done over the phone and training manuals.

A lot of people may prefer to keep any work at home job part-time since they may have family commitments from caring for parents or young children and other issues. Tutoring is perfect for that kind of scenario. It can be for almost any subject from K12 to learning how to knit. Some use YouTube to both market their skills and provide advanced training in almost any area of expertise. It can be about popular hobbies like genealogy or gardening, there really are no limits.

The Bottom Line Is To Find What Works Best For You

Step One: Asses your current skills, if none then find something you have an interest in and would liked to pursue. Check out possible training available either online or at your local Community College.

Step Two: Check out the job boards for jobs that fit your current or acquired skills

Step Three: Also consider out of the box local piece work or other possibilities

Step Four: Clean up your resume and highlight applicable experience for whatever job you apply. Keep checking the recommended job websites, there are a lot of new ones every day.

The bottom line in finding the right part-time or full time job that you can do at home is that you need to explore all your options. And it doesn’t have to be an online job, there are lots of alternatives. You also should stay away from the shiny object syndrome. That’s where you keep jumping from one opportunity to another and never commit to any. And then there’s all the absolute BS out there on the do nothing but give me money and I’ll do it for you scams. Not only will you lose your money but the waste of your time is even a bigger issue. If it sounds too good to be true, well you know the rest of the line.

Finding the right fit is always a challenge when looking for any kind of job but the key is to keep moving forward. There are a lot of opportunities out there since the job market has really improved over the last couple of years.

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