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Weekend Jobs For Extra Money

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Need to make a few extra bucks this weekend? There are many possibilities depending on your particular needs and skills. Physical abilities can play an important role too. If you are young and strong, manual work could be a good choice or if you have some saleable skills that could be the path of least resistance. You can opt for a one time gig or ongoing weekend job. And there are some really interesting choices from babysitting (pets or children) to manual type labor like helping people move or landscaping, or even online gigs.

What Type Of Work?

First up is to decide on what type of work you can or want to do. You can capitalize on your day job skills, say you work in an accounting department you could help people or companies with bookkeeping chores. Or if you work for a car repair firm you could fix people’s cars at their location or yours. Or you could go for something you do as a hobby and teach others or do it for them like photography. If you don’t have any real specific skills you can always find some type of marketing chores like demonstrating products, handing out free samples, or distributing leaflets. In our present active economy there are many opportunities.

How to Find Part Time Weekend Jobs

Second up is where to find the type of work you want to do. There are online sources like Craigslist or local want ads. Or just go to Google and enter “weekend work in your city” (no quotes). Local companies may advertise on their website or others than can turn up in that kind of search. Look at bulletin boards in local grocery stores, community centers, churches, etc. Ask around your neighborhood, talk to friends, check your city/county/state agencies, drive around and look for help wanted signs.

Looking For One-time Or Ongoing Gigs?

Many onetime gigs are paid on completion so the extra income can be immediate. Ongoing gigs can be a repeatable source and so you can get a weekly check. A lot of people like to work on weekends for more than just the extra income. They may want to get some new skills or just get out of the house and meet new people. There are a lot of good reasons, it depends on the individuals and goals. And it’s amazing how you can benefit beyond the money.

Let’s Dig A Little Deeper Into What Kind Of Weekend Jobs Are Available Both Online & Local

The first thing most people think of when talking weekend jobs is working locally. And there are a lot of options. But let’s say you want to skip the travel, weather, meeting new people, etc and do something right from the house.

Online Weekend Jobs

Of course online part time work can be done from almost anywhere at any time. But let’s say that in this case you don’t want to work other than the weekends for whatever reason. We have an excellent free PDF that you can download here to see three easy ways to make money part-time online. Many are not time related (you can do them anytime weekend or weekday so they could work for just weekend workers).

Find Online But Work Local

There are several online websites like TaskRabbit.com and Thumbtack.com that you can offer services (and state weekends or dates available). These are especially useful for people with specific skills but also ok for really basic stuff. You have to a little setup work but worth it for doing high end and long term stuff. Craigslist.org or Oodels.com are good online sources too that are local and require no setup. But, unless you’ve been under a rock you’ve seen the headlines on Craigslist fiascos from being swindled to out and out violence. So always double check the reliability of any person or company, easy enough to do on the Internet these days.

There is also a lot of seasonal work depending on the time of year. During the Christmas season most retailers are desperate for help and favorite tourist locations during the summer. Anyone who deals directly with consumers can be a good source of weekend work. most are open 7 days a week and can’t find enough help with our current roaring economy. And there are a lot of delivery services locally and online that can be good too. And there are a lot of promotional companies that do weekend seminars, demonstrations, and party work that are always looking for help.

Another Good Idea Is To Advertise Your Skills

If you have some skills that involve domestic help from doing handyman stuff to just having a strong back and willing to work you can let people know by advertising in local places. I mentioned Grocery store bulletin boards and other local sources that you can find work posted on but you can also put up a flyer or business card for specific work that you can do with contact information. Or you can

advertise in Craigslist or Oodle too. If you really start looking hard and get a little creative, you can find some type of work to do since most people don’t want to work on the weekends.

There Are Side Benefits Too

Working on the weekend can certainly be a good way to learn new things and find new friends. If you get lucky you can find a local gig that is related to hobbies or personal interests. When I was in college I stumbled across a job at a local camera store. I was both interested in cameras and taking photography classes in school. It was one of the best part time jobs I ever had to this day. That’s what really is great about working in something you like, it’s not really work.

I had a good friend that was an animal lover who worked in a dog kennel on the weekends and she loved that job. So if you can find something that really interests you, you get money, and get to do what you like to do. And a lot of times you can find exactly that by just looking for work at places that would appreciate your knowledge or skills. The gal that liked animals just called a few dog kennels and asked if they needed any help on the weekends (and most do).

So don’t be afraid to be creative and look for something that interests you, just call or visit any possible places and chances are you’ll find something fun. There are many companies that are open or ongoing even on the weekends. Just writing this article kind of pumped me up about my old camera store job, maybe I should go find a camera store and see if they need any help on the weekends.

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