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Can You Really Find A Job On Flexjobs.com?

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I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed any company, product, or service like Flexjobs. Usually I’ll try the product or service, talk to people who actually used the product or service, and come up with my own opinion based on my research. The reason Flexjobs is so different is due to the two distinct opinions I found and the nature of the company.

A Quick Overview

Flexjobs is a website that finds, validates, and lists jobs that meet their requirements of flexibility. That’s where the confusion and responses begin to go sideways. It appears from the many advertisements and promotions they use, they specialize in Telecomputing jobs. But many users say that there are not that many Telecomputing jobs. They also don’t follow the well established job listing service business model. They charge the job seeker rather than the job poster. In fact most of the jobs on their websites are not posted by the employer but by the Flexjob’s staff.

Here’s some popular ads from Flexjobs.com:

And that’s clearly stated all over the website. So they are upfront about it. If you go do a search in Google on Flexjobs several positive reviews come up from 3rd party websites and individuals. Most are somewhat favorable but do clearly state some of the cons. And most of the cons were about the types of jobs that didn’t always fit into Flex type of jobs. And as far as what a Flex job is, well it should be flexible as far as work times, places, and maybe type of work? Not sure what would be a good definition on that myself.

And I have never seen such a well managed presence for any online business. What do I mean by managed? Well, every popular review website I checked had an overwhelming number of very professional written reviews. Don’t get me started on gaming the system on reviews, I could go on forever about all the fake reviews. But in this case these review sites are most often reliable like GlassDoor or Sitejabber. They also have high marks at the Better Business Bureau but they are a joke (go search YouTube for all the news shows that have demonstrated BBB is not what you think it is).

And the number of well respected (whether deserved or not) publications like the Wall Street Journal, CNN, USA Today, and NBC have very favorable articles and videos on Flexjobs. Here’s a recent “article” by CNBC:


Really, this is an article? Kind of looks like an ad to me. Click on a few of the links to jobs in the article to see what kind of jobs are available. Like I said, these folks are good at promotions. And there is nothing wrong with that, it’s what businesses do to be successful. And I really don’t think they miss represent the facts so much, maybe a little over the top hype but in this world of constant noise, it’s understandable.

And even though it’s a paid service, the price is certainly reasonable and the fact that you can try it for 30 days for as little as $14.95 makes it pretty attractive. And if you go check Retailmenot.com they often have a 50% off coupon for Flexjobs that drops the price to $7.50. So they aren’t taking anyone to the cleaners on that low of fee.

Inside Flexjobs – Home Page

OK, let’s take a look at the basic search layout and how you search inside of Flexjobs. Some of the people I spoke to had some issues with finding what they were looking for due to a confusing layout. Some also mentioned that the filters are not always accurate. I imagine when you dig deep using location (for real flex jobs – not Telecomputing) and you live in a smaller town it may be difficult to find very specific jobs.

Here’s a screenshot of the search screen where you enter the job to search for:

I wanted to pick a job type that many could do without a lot of experience so I chose Customer Service. And as you can see there were over 12,000 listings without using location. If you drill down to a big city there are still a lot of job listings for all sorts of customer service positions. And on the right side of the screen you can see ways to filter the results depending on additional criteria like schedule. The pay is often not mentioned but after looking around a little bit it appears that beginning jobs (people with a little experience) started at around $12-$15 per hour. But many did not mention exact pay but just round figures or used the old depending on experience and you would find out after you apply in one way or another. And there was a good mix of different types of customer service from just answering basic support questions to closing sales.

So I chose one to drill down and since I was just looking I got a basic snapshot but not all the details. It does show when the job was posted, location, career level, flexibility, and etc. There was more than enough info though to allow you to look around and see the types of jobs, locations, and requirements. So you can look for free to see if there are any jobs that might be a fit for you and your experience. Another area often mentioned is that many of the jobs are high end, require a lot of skills or/and experience. But that’s true of any jobsite and in the real world too. All employers want you to be a star with many qualifications and years of experience. But good news is the pay often matches the strong requirements (better paying).

Is It Worth $7.50 For 30 Day Subscription?

That is totally dependent on the type of job you are looking for and your qualifications. And that can said about any job search whether you do it online, networking, or physically walking the area you may want to work in or around. I’ve spoken to 12 people who have signed up for Flexjobs in the last 2-3 years. When I decided to review JobFlex I did a shout out to friends and associates asking for feedback from actual users. And using the 1-10 ranking overall (10 being the best) the responses as follows.

3 people found jobs that they were looking for and were happy campers so gave it a 10, and all three found their new jobs within 90 days. BTW, almost all that found some job of interest and applied said it took 2 weeks to 2 months to get a response from their application good or bad. But I’ve notice a general slowdown for all applicants these days so I’m not sure that time period is any worse than in general for all job seekers.

6 people were very unhappy and gave the site 1-2, really. The folks that were not happy did feel they were mislead and really couldn’t find the type of job listing they were looking for, but that comes back to your type of job and experience too. So half of the people I spoke to or traded emails with had no success but they also said that they requested and received a refund (they didn’t know about the coupons at Retailmenot.com for half price). And several them signed up for a year to get the best price so it was about $50. So getting a refund was a big deal but that’s the only reason they even got a 1-2.

And the other 3 people were satisfied that Flexjobs was real and used a little twist to their job search, but they only ranked it a 6-7 since they found it difficult to navigate. This twist sounds like a good idea to try if you join. They did the appropriate searches and found jobs of interest, but did not apply through Flexjobs, even if they clicked through to the job offer company websites. Once they found the details out they were able to do a Google search find the actual company websites and applied there without using Flexjobs. Why this may be more effective I can’t say but these three all felt that it was an advantage. And yes, they all got jobs, not necessarily on the first or even third attempt but did get a job.

And going back to the pay scale of the jobs, it appears that there are both beginning and advanced salaries available. I only looked around for an hour or two but I saw a good mix for the most part. Maybe more IT and tech jobs on the higher paying side, and some low pay on the entry level stuff, which was limited. It appeared to me that there were far more good paying positions than low paying.

The Bottom Line – Is Jobflex For You?

The short answer is a big fat maybe. Is it worth spending $7.50 to give it a shot? I would say yes but it’s very dependent on the type of job and your experience as with any job search. If you are looking for a straight data entry or other very basic work this might not be a good choice for you. Would I hang around looking for more than 30 days with no luck, no I would not. From the people I received feedback from half were happy or at least satisfied. And freelancers will have a lot of possible jobs to look at since I did see a fair amount of design, developer, and programmer positions listed, not sure if they are all at fair pay scale (might be a little on the low side from the offers I saw). Considering you can never please everyone that’s not a terrible response. I’ve seen people spend months on the big jobsites, submit 100’s of resumes and never get any response.

The searches do get a little wonky in that they often present jobs that are not exactly what you searched for so that inflates the number of available jobs, but there are a lot of new jobs posted every day. The other features like the testing in specific areas adds little value, if any. The daily emails with your particular preferences seem fairly accurate with the exception of location (they may be specific to your job requirements but not location). And their blog has some good information but nothing you can’t find elsewhere on the Internet.

If you have some good job experience, have popular skills, and good communication skills I think you could definitely find a job. The tighter your job criteria is, the fewer opportunities but as with all job searches that’s a common problem.

My advice is to go take a look, do some free searches and see what’s available for your specific requirements. If you find a lot of possible jobs, go for it. And if not you can also go look at the 800lb Gorilla jobsite, Indeed.com. They do have a section on Flexjobs too, they call it Flexible Schedules that is pretty active. And don’t forget about Craigslist.org, you will need to sort through all the crap but there are often good local part time work ads.

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