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I’m not going to tell you that starting an online business is a snap. It takes some real effort and lots of elbow grease. I often compare it to learning how to ride a bike when you were a kid. You’re excited to give it a shot and at the same time somewhat fearful of what will happen. I still remember my first attempt well. I rode my bike with training wheels for a few days and figured I was ready and able to kick those training wheels to the side of the road. Nothing like a little false bravado to enhance the adventure.

But I was smart enough to go get Dad to supervise just in case. Of course after hearing what was about occur, the rest of the family and a few neighbors got into the act. It turns out that was a good thing. So I grabbed a wrench and started taking the training wheels off while receiving numerous advice from all. But it always comes down to it’s you and the bike, and the only way to learn how to ride was to do it.

We lived on a slight grade, not steep but enough so that you can coast on a bike. So with

everyone cheering me on, I jumped on that bike an actually looked like I knew what I was doing for about 30-40 feet. That’s when I discovered I didn’t remember how to stop. Yea, it always the details that get you. So everyone is cheering me on and I start yelling how do I stop this thing. Now trying to explain that you need to push the pedal back to someone careening down the street who has no idea of what you’re taking about does seem pretty funny unless your the guy on the bike.

And as I am pondering the situation I am gaining some speed and coming to an intersection that somewhat concerned on me several levels. So my limited options flashed through my mind. I could just jump off, there also was a tree up ahead that definitely looked like it could stop me and the bike, or I could go for a suicide turn and let the hill stop me. Luckily for me one of the older neighbor kids ran up and grabbed the bike and stopped me. Wow, that was too close for comfort but I did learn some valuable lessons that day.

Details are important, in fact they can ruin your day if not understood. Having more experienced people around is really valuable. And planning can make a big difference in results. I got lucky that day but it could have gone terribly wrong and almost did.

This Is Probably Not The Sales Page/Pitch You’re Used To Seeing

I’ve been doing business online for many years, I’ve retired twice for one reason or another (burn out, health, and lazy come to mind) but always come back. The reason is simple, there is no easier way to make a living once you figure out the where the pot holes are and stick to basics. But let me say this upfront, it’s not for everyone. I have friends that starting working for one of the big companies right out of high school or college and are doing great. Although I’m not sure that quite works as well as it did in the past, it is still a viable way to be successful. But if you want to be more in control of your destiny, owning and operating your own business is the way to go. I would compare it to choosing a career path as opposed to just getting another job.

There is a little confusion out there on what exactly a “Freelancer” is and what they do. Dictionary.com provides this definition: “Working for different companies at different times rather than being permanently employed by one company.” That nails it in very few words. There is a website actually named Freelancer.com and claims to have over 29 million Freelancers on file (there’s a lot more info in our Freelancer Fast Start Guide) and over 14 million jobs available. So even if they are fudging their numbers a little that’s a huge amount of people and work. And I do believe that there is always room for few more due to the tremendous demand for outsourcing.

But Enough About Me, Lets Talk About You.

If you’re looking for a way out of the rat race of getting up and driving to a place you really don’t want to go everyday then you are at the right place. If you think you’re going to get rich by doing nothing, you need to hit that back button and look elsewhere. Passive income is great but it’s rarely passive. People who want to sell you something often get a little loose with the facts on any online businesses. It’s not brain surgery but it’s not a gimme either. And there are no secrets, no back doors, or any of that other crazy stuff often mentioned on any sales page. If the main theme of some sales page is that you don’t have to do anything but buy their package, and they will do it all for you, run don’t walk to the nearest exit.

Our new Freelancer Fast Start Guide can show you how to start part time and go full time at your own pace if that’s your preference. Or you can just drop the Hammer and go for full time business today if that’s what you need or want. It’s up to you how fast you want to ramp up or maybe stay part time forever. Flexibility is one of the great benefits to doing freelance work. And it’s much easier to find that sweet spot of work and play balance.

We promote creating a real business with products or services. Yep, you have to do a little work one way or another. The advantages are many, like repeat business, referrals, and long term success. And the personal satisfaction of having fun while you work. Once again it comes down to do you want a career or a job? The difference is a career is for the long haul and puts you in the driver’s seat, rather than depend on others for your success.

Our Freelancer Fast Start Guide Can Show:

  • You The Many Ways To Make Money Online
  • How To Pick The Best Online Business For You
  • Where To Start, What To Expect, And Best Practices
  • Which Businesses Are Hot And Not
  • When & How To Outsource
  • How To Find Customers
  • How to Manage Your Time & Efforts
  • How To Get Repeat Business & Referrals
  • Customer Service Do’s & Don’ts

Our Freelancer Fast Start Guide Can Not:

  • Make You Rich And Famous Overnight
  • Make You Better Looking
  • Find You The Perfect Mate
  • Make You The Smartest Person In The Room
  • Show You How To Win The Lottery
  • Make You Look 20 Years Younger
  • Make You Lose 20 lbs In A Week
  • Help You Win An Olympic Gold Medal
  • Make You A Movie Star

Choose the perfect Package For You

Freelancer Fast Start Guide – Ready Made Websites

Freelancer Fast Start Guide


freelancer fast start guide
Bonus-Social Media Marketing

  • 10 Chapters & 140 Pages
  • From A to Z on Starting As A Freelancer
  • No Skills - No Problem We Show You
    Best Choices & How To Learn
  • How To Find Clients
  • How To Manage Client Expectations
  • The Real Story On SEO & Keywords
  • Resource Guide That Can Save You $100's
  • Free Updates Annually
  • Step by Step Instructions

Freelancer Guide & Ready Made Websites


Freelancer Fast Start Guide
Ready made Websites Bonus-Social Media MarketinG

  • Freelancers Fast Start Guide
  • 2 Bonuses WordPress & Social Marketing
  • Five Page Ready Made Website
  • Landing or One Page Ready Made Website
  • Theme & Page Builder
  • 7 Essential Plugins
  • Instruction PDF & Videos
  • One On One Training Available
  • One Click Install
  • Easy To Adapt To Any Subject Matter

And Right Now We're Adding A Great Bonus To Both Packages

Real World Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

When we were looking for something of value to add to our eBook we found one of the best Social Media Marketing guides available today. This information is absolutely dead on about the right way and the wrong way to market your product or service via Social Networking sites. These tactics can be used for many marketing projects from special sales to advertising campaigns. I’ll be honest with you, I couldn’t write better advice on both the good and the bad on Social Networks Marketing. If you follow the advice offered in this guide you will be successful in not only getting traffic from the Social Networks but also conversions. If you want traffic and sales via Social Networking, this is your best option in 2018!!!

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