Freelancer Fast Start - Frequently Asked Questions

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Just what is in the Freelancer Fast Start Guide?

 Well, there is no kitchen sink but I do believe we covered just about everything else about starting and operating an online business. I’ve been in business online for over 15 years, primarily in two service areas. I do still have some websites that are informational and affiliate websites but only update one regularly. Short answer, everything you need to get up and running quickly. There are 8 chapters, two appendix, and 144 pages. Also a lot of step by step instructions and screenshots for first timers to make it a little easier to understand. I taught in both secondary and post secondary schools for about 8 years (my first career), and lost count years ago on how many folks I’ve trained one on one in the past 15-20 years on computers, software, and the Internet.

What if I don't have any experience or skills?

Well, everyone needs to start somewhere and the beginning is a great place to start. Will you be an instant expert, no, probably not. What you will learn is more than most people will ever know. Learning by trial and error is one way to do it but it’s slow, expensive, and frustrating. So learning by example is a far better way, it’s easier, faster, and certainly more effective. So if you don’t know much right now, that’s OK. And what I always stress is you don’t need to know everything, but you do need to know the best ways to do what’s necessary. It’s like building your own website, if you aren’t going into Web Design, there is no good reason to learn something you may only do once. Just learn what you need, like creating new posts or articles. One of the best traits of successful business owners is to know when to outsource. Really.

Does your guide provide marketing information?

Yes, we have a lot about marketing methods we’ve found that work. We also suggest ways to brand yourself and promote your company and services/products. Even though you might have an online business you can also provide services in your local area. That’s often overlooked by many but can be a great source of new business. We also discuss how to collect your money, invoice clients, and other day to day activities to make your business a success.

What kind of support is available?

You get a special email address to ask any questions or offer any feedback, good or bad. And we actually like hearing from our buyers. This helps us make improvements and additions to our guide. We try to respond in 24 hours but often it’s within 24 minutes. And you also can request one on one help on anything in the guide for additional fees that can be hourly or a flat fee for specific activities. There are special prices in the guide for many common scenarios. Most of the requests for extra help are on higher end technical stuff or very niche specific business questions. And if you want we’ll login to your computer and do whatever right in front of you, you can even record it if you want for future reference.

Can't I find everything in your guide online for free?

In between all the BS, misinformation, and flat out lies you can probably find 75% of it. But that’s the problem most newbies run into, what’s real and what’s not. That’s why you see a lot of free information out there, it’s often a thinly disguised sales vehicle to get you to sign up for their newsletter or never ending sales pitch. And the info is mostly crap, but hey it works so a lot of folks do it. And then there’s the guys that are selling the dream, with very little, if any, real value or product. But those make money in 24 hours packages sell a lot too. It all comes down to there are no secrets, insider info, or magical ways you need to start an online business. And if it sounds to good to be true, chances are good it’s not. What we offer is the latest information, all in one place, by people who do it everyday.

Are there any additional costs to start your business?

If you decide to start out with a website there is a cost for a domain, usually around $14 per year or if you want to take advantage of most good hosting companies they offer a free domain with signup for web hosting. Web hosting can be as low as $4-$5 per month (paying annually). Other than those two costs, there really isn’t a lot of expenses. You obviously are going to need some kind of computer and an Internet connection but you most likely already have those. There also could be software depending on your chosen services like Photoshop (photo editing, custom design or commercial art) or Grammarly (if you’re going to be a writer of any kind) but there are free versions to start with for many.

Is satisfaction guaranteed?

If you look at our “sales page” you’ll see we offer a money back guarantee. And we also clearly state that you need to participate to be successful. This guide is meant to be both a teaching and reference manual. And we update it a couple of times a year (yes, you get free updates forever). This is not my first rodeo, and on prior guides (I’ve done 3 over the years, some with co-authors) I’ve rarely had anyone request a refund (and that’s a subject that’s in the guide). I try to make it clear to all that we provide the best information possible to save you money, time, and frustration. But at the end of the day you are the one that dictates your success.

How long does it take to get up and running?

That is a tough question due to the many types of online businesses. If you are starting from scratch, need to take some training, and have no prior experience it will take longer than someone who already have some skills. And it also depends on the time you have available, if you are currently working full time, have family commitments, and can only pursue it part time it will be slower. So it’s difficult to give a realistic ballpark number. Some may be able crank it up in less than 30 days, others might take 90 days. It really depends time available and your current skill levels.

Ready Made Websites - Frequently Asked Questions

Since our Ready Made Websites have been very popular we created this FAQ especially for them. Still have questions? Just shoot us an email.

What's the difference on a Template and a RMW?

A website template is more of a look and feel scenario. There’s not much going on the in the back end. Whereas our Ready Made Websites have all the plugins, features, and best practices built right in the design. As we always preach, looking good is important but user engagement is the bottom line. So we incorporate features that are user oriented into all our designs.

How much time do you save with a RMW?

Quite a bit. Any initial design effort requires a lot of choices that many people want to review before making any final decisions. So it can create a lot of back and forth which takes valuable time. Our RMW’s can be up and going in 3 days whereas a custom design can easily go 3 weeks or more. It depends on the depth and width of the content but most of the time an RMW is much faster to get up and running.

How much money do you save with a RMW?

Quite a bit compared to a custom designed website. With a few key changes the look and feel can be totally different than the original RMW. Even a small custom designed website can get pretty pricy depending of features.  And the time and effort savings is a big factor too. You can always make changes or additions down the road.

Can you make changes to a RMW after installation?

You bet. If you have some additional functionality that you would like to add after 6 months for whatever reasons it’s very economical and easy. The core structure is in place so adding features is much easier and quicker. Just make sure you thoroughly check out any plugin and do a complete backup before installing

Can I change the design on a Ready Made Website?

If you can see it, you can change it. You can change everything you see as far as layout design, color scheme, and content. Think of a Ready Made Website as a starting point if you want. Make any changes you want to fit your needs. You also add in special plugins but we do suggest caution since it may impact your entire website. Installing most plugins only takes a minute or two but configuring can take much longer and can be a challenge.

If we have a current website can we upgrade?

Yep, on the One Page or 5 Page websites you can keep our design and move over all the content from your current website. And add any additional pages if necessary. That way you can get a fresh design but hold the value on your current content. It’s a win-win situation for many websites that are showing their age. You do want to make sure your URL (page name and location) remain the same so you don’t lose any SEO factors.

Who isn't a good fit for a RMW?

There are a couple of scenarios where our RMW might not be a good fit. If you have a current website with some high end features like a membership website or one which requires a secure login, our Ready Made Websites would really not be a good fit. So if you require any unique back end functionality I would suggest going with a new design to fit your purposes.

Do you provide ongoing maintenance on a RMW?

There’s not much of any type of maintenance for an RMW. They come with automated backup, alerts, and troubleshooting. Now if you want to add features at some future date there would be some effort and time. And I do suggest you occasionally login to update any themes or plugins just in case.

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