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Show Me The Pay is owned and operated by jd WebWorks (jdWebWorks.com) to help out people who are just starting out or totally new to online businesses. At jd WebWorks we provide website design and development for customers large and small. We often get emails or calls from folks who are looking to start an online business who are short on time, cash, and experience.

So they need a little help with creating a website and a business. That’s really not what we do at jd WebWorks, it’s really a whole different scenario. We do a lot of upgrading existing websites to newer designs and more advanced features. I would have to say about 60% of our

work is upgrading, about 20% is troubleshooting, and the other 20% is brand new websites. I guess the reason we do so much updating is we’ve been around for 15 years and get a lot of referrals from long time clients.

So we created a website to specialize in Freelancer types of businesses, wrote a Freelancer Fast Start Guide, and designed a couple of great Ready Made Websites to make it easy. The Freelancer Fast Start Guide is all about information, tips and tricks, resources, and what we’ve learned over the last 15 years in business online.

There are a lot of moving parts in an online business and it can be a little overwhelming to someone just starting out. In addition to our base products we also can provide one on one training to specific areas from website design, to marketing, and best ways to find clients. The devil is in the details so to have someone to learn from who actually operates an online business on a daily basis is a huge benefit.

So please take a look around and see if our website and products can help you. If you have any questions, just shoot me an email at manager@showmethepay.com. And if you haven’t already, download our free PDF on Part-Time Money Online. There is so much BS and misinformation out there it’s scary. We cut through the myths and half-truths and tell you the real story. Click here to download and you can save it to your desktop or wherever you want.

Thanks for your interest and stopping by our website.

And by popular demand, here’s my number one assistant that most people remember much more than me. His name is Baily and he’s half Yorkie and half Pomeranian. When I need to go onsite for meetings I often bring Baily since he’s far more popular than I am and most of my long time clients love him. He’s got a lot of personality and treats everyone like a long lost relative.

Baily is always ready to go anywhere.

My backup cameraman.

Guarding the front porch.

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