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Success Stories

Everyone Loves Happy Endings

There have been quite a few success stories in the news lately about people who have done really well starting their own online businesses. Two of these stories really caught my attention for a couple of reasons. First was a gal who took getting laid off and turned it into an opportunity, and the second one is about a guy who discovered that he already had a great service to sell and never realized it.

Each individual came from different backgrounds, age groups, and gender. And both had some common factors that helped them succeed.

First and foremost they decided it was time to take control of their life. They also focused on one particular goal, and stepped out of their comfort zones. Totally different circumstances but great success stories. And both people figured out how to start freelancing with no experience!

Our gal was working for a big agency doing copy writing and hated her job due to the deadlines and pressure. Then one day her department got laid off (about five people). So instead of going out and looking for a new job she called her clients from her old job and told them the story. Since her prior employer was not providing any copy writing anymore there was no conflict and all but one hired her to do their work. So now she controlled her deadlines and that made a huge difference. And they paid

her the same as they paid the agency. Yea, she got a big raise and really likes her job now. And she also has time for a life which was missing up till now. Our guy was a minister for a small church. And he loved his job but with his growing family he needed to figure how to make a few extra dollars to make ends meet. He mentioned it to one of his church members and they immediately offered him some voice over work for their training videos. He was a great speaker and had an excellent voice but had never thought about doing any type voice work. As it turned out he was pretty good at it. A match made in Heaven so to speak, sorry, couldn’t resist that one. Anyway, he now has several clients and makes more than enough to better support his growing family.

It’s like the old familiar saying “Seize the Day”. My point is, it’s up to you to make the choice. Life is short, and everyone I talk to about freelancing says they wish the would have started sooner. And there can be some bumps in the road to going on your own, it’s both scary and exciting. But with a solid plan and a little effort you can change your life.

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